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Serving the electrical market
throughout the United States
for nearly 40 years

An Independent Stocking-Broker is a broker. We shop throughout the U.S. for the best prices from our vendor network. is a stocking-broker. We stock the most in-demand products in our 17,000 square foot warehouse. Of course, we also buy non-stock items from our vendor network whenever you need them.'s independence expands your flexibility and enhances your convenience with multi-brand, one-stop shopping. We offer you the choice of products from all of the major OEMs in one virtual location.'s independence also lowers your cost through our national price-shopping and best-cost purchasing. We lower your costs through market rather than scheduled pricing.


Aaker's History Jack Kammen & Art Quadrio were in the electrical business for many years before founding Aaker Electrical Supply Co. in 1965. In 1974 they moved to our present location in Passaic, NJ.

Aaker began as a supply house recognized for its expertise and depth of inventory in circuit breakers, motor controls and replacement parts. OEMs still refer their customers to us for obsolete and hard-to-find items.

In 1980 Cutler-Hammer asked Aaker to become Master Renewal Parts Distributor. Over the next 15 years we became their largest parts distributor and grew into a national business, serving customers in all 50 states. Meanwhile, we shifted the focus for the rest of our business from supplying surplus to brokering new electrical equipment.

In 1995 we resigned as a Cutler-Hammer distributor following its acquisition of the Westinghouse electrical business. By then our main business had become the brokering of circuit breakers, motor controls and replacement parts in all of the major brands.

That year we also introduced our own CPW-brand replacement contact kits and mounting hardware kits for all the major brands of motor controls and circuit breakers, respectively.

In 2002 we launched At present we market all major brands of circuit breakers and replacement contact kits for motor starters and contactors online. We will expand our website to include motor controls in the near future.